Press release:

10,000 Island Spiral
September 24 ­ - November 05, 2016
Noguchi Breton Gallery
Miami, Florida

Traditionally, materials create objects and those objects are given significance through the functions and relationships we assign them. Often these materials experience an un­definable transience during their journey into object­hood, like setting glue or raw food. In 10,000 Island Spiral we are given a window into Gispert’s entropic formal metamorphosis through physical misuse and mimesis. Object/materials loose their footing and exist side by side with other similarly challenged objects, manifesting meaning through a multitude of signifiers both relational and serendipitous.

Miami, as a concept, exists in a flux of once vibrant cultures and moments. The city forever existing in the present as a formative Katamari of the new world citizens that inhabit it. Neither here nor there, as a gestalt of awkward nostalgic efforts to recreate or preserve a piece of home or identity. Likewise, Gispert's alchemically conjured in ­between entities refer back to our self ­perceptions, forcing us to question what are the set of instinctual assumptions for objects to exist within the wasteland of our identities past, present and future.

Photography by Zack Balber view_web.jpg redux_Front_web.jpg